Saturday, February 18, 2012

Summer/Spring Top for Mama

 With spring not far away I wanted to make myself some warmer weather tops. I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby, it's hard to tell but it has pin tucks and lace added to it following the grain of the fabric. I thought it would be great for hot weather this summer!

It's another Portfolio top made into a maternity top. I added 3 inches of fabric to the center on the fold for a total of 6" for belly growing room and added 4" to length for coverage.
We are 20 weeks today, half way there!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Oh my goodness-only half way! You poor darling you are going to be huge!

    Your skin and hair look lovely,you obviously bloom during pregnancy.

  2. hehehe, yes I am wondering how big I will get with this one!


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