Friday, February 10, 2012

Home Made Valentines

 The boys and I this year made home made Valentines for their friends at school and their teachers. We had a blast making all 90 these!! (yes we counted all of them when we were done :) )
 I found these great book marker Valentines over at Thirty Hand Made Days. She has the print out of the cards that she has put together. The kids and I both just loves these!! Perfect for those new readers.
 The teachers were my favorite ones though. I found this PDF down load over at Sarah Jane blog for only $5. It has two different cards, the envelope, and the tags that we are using for book marks. I love the whimsy of these so much! I will be buying some of her prints for the  baby's room!!
They are all packed up and ready to go! I have to say this is the first year we finished ahead of time. :) Maybe even a new tradition of ours. ;)


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