Monday, February 6, 2012

A Crafty Kid

 I had to share with you my middle son's school project on the day sky, I am so proud of him! His first grade class had to make a model of the day or night sky, what a fun project this was. :)
 We made all the different cloud types and he label each one of them. I will tell you that with all the glue, fluffy stuffing and cotton balls that this was a very sticky craft! We were picking glue and fuzz off our fingers for a while,lol.
The sun even lights up! We used a battery tea candle light to put in a hole in the back of the box and sun. All the kiddos think this is the neatest part of this display.  Great job my son!!


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  1. This is too cute.

    Also, your children are beautiful! What a lovely family


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