Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Sewing

 I made this dress the other day but I was able to try it on Sweet pea and get some really good pictures of her in it. She usely hates, hates her picture taken but she was all smiles today! It was a lovely Mother's day present for me. :)
 The dress is the out of print Oliver + S Play date, which I love! It is a simple dress but lovely details in the sewing. It took two evenings of sewing to make which is pretty good for me lately.
 I just love her smile!
 The pockets were a bit hit! A place for her little treasures to go.
She really loves this dress too, I am not sure if it is because she really likes the way it looks or because it was for her and not "baby brother" as she says. Plus with the hot weather we are having the dresses are probably feeling really nice now too.

I aslo made a baby bonnet for for our new baby-to-be but I will be posting on that tomorrow!

Happpy Mother's Day!!


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