Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Quilted Bird Mobile For Baby

 I made a little something for the baby this past week and finished it last night. I made him a bird mobile like Sweet pea's here but changed the bird pattern on his to match the birds on his bedding.
 This was a fun and easy project but I must admit that it did take me a week to make though. Maybe a bit of procrastination?

I used a grape vine wreath for his too insted of the quilting hoop, I wanted to match the twigs in his blanket that the birds are perch on. All the birds are made out of scrap fabric that I had laying around the house too.
 I will be posting a tutorial on Monday morning for his mobile. All I need to make for crib is a chnging pad cover now...and finish the rest of the room.
Happy Sewing!!


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