Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What We Have Been Doing

 We have been doing a whole lot of relaxing here. With my belly getting bigger and little guy growing I have been so tired lately so the kids and I have been taking it easy!
 A little snacking and watching TV in bed is always good but one of us it was too much and she had to take a nap. ;)
Little man was home sick htis last too but he is feeling so much better now. He has "ordered" pj's from me and wants them done very soon so I just have to wait on the pattern in the mail. That's what happens when mama looks at the Oliver + S flicker group with the kids, they always see clothes that mama just has to make them too. I just love it! :) I hope that they always lovve for mom to sew for them.

Now to only finish baby C's quilted bird mobile and Mr W floor pillow between today and tomorrow and I have it made. For some reason my big belly is getting in the way when trying to sew so it takes a bit longer to finish up projects now. With less than 10 weeks to go I had better get in gear!

Happy Sewing!!


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