Monday, May 7, 2012

Strawberry Fun!

 I took Sweet pea for her first berry picking this morning, she had a blast too! And boy does she love her strawberries!
 She carried the basket right up until the end then it got "too heaby" to carry. She even picked pretty red berries too all by herself. I was afraid that she wouldn't want to pick or be really board but she had fun the whole time and loved to look for the "yummy red berries" as she called them.
 Oh is she proud of her harvest too! She even has the cute red stains on her dress and hands to go with it. I just love the little red stains on her. :)
And to make this day even better her Carolina dress from last summer still fits her! Thank goodness for a tiny waisted girl. ;) This was a great way to start our week out. :)


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  1. My kids have always loved berry picking too. We took our 2 year old last week and picked blueberries. It was such fun! I love that dress your little one has on! Did you make it?


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