Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bitty Beatrix Blouse Sew Along!

With school starting here next week I though I would have my own little sew along fun here on my own blog as well. (Remember the Mamie Dress starts over on the Whimsical Fabrics Sew A-long blog as well!) The sew A-long I am hosting over here is the Bitty Beatrix Blouse from Grammies Dolls. This is a really cute top that sews up fast. Sweet pea already has two and now third one for layers in the cold months. 

This is her #1, a lacy fabric trimmed in cotton lace on the sleeves and bodice. 

Here is our top #2. I made this one after another blouse she wanted. We both are happy with the way this one came out....and with the skort I made to match it! (I think I forgot to blog about these, I will have to do a "How she wore it" blog post the first month of school to show off all her new outfits!)

I made my own piping for the bottoms to match the top, loved how these came out so much! 

Lastly top #3! This is our fall one, made in Art Galley fabrics. I love the colors of this one. All my favorite colors of fall are in the print. 

I hope you will join me next week for a three day Sew along starting Monday. 
If you need the pattern Bitty Beatrix Blouse you can find it for sale here

Happy Sewing!! 


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