Monday, August 17, 2015

Bitty Beatrix Sew Along Day One

Welcome to day 1 of the Bitty Beatrix Sew Along! If you have not bought your pattern yet you can buy it over here. 

Today we are putting our pattern together and cutting out our fabrics. I find using a glue stick work best for putting the pattern pieces together. This way I can press the pattern pieces as need be when I pull them back out again. 

The pieces you will need to cut are as listed:

*One front bodice piece cut on the fold
*One lining bodice piece cut on the fold. (I used the very same fabric for lining.)
*One back piece cut on the fold. 
*One back bodice Lining cut on the fold. 
*Two ruffle sleeves with the center of the sleeve cut on the fold. 

That is it for today, see you back tomorrow for some sewing!! 


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