Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bitty Beatrix Sew Along Day Two

Welcome back for day Two of the our sew along! Today we will starting sewing our top. 

1. To start out today first cut a piece of interfacing 3" wide by 4" long and fuse to the center top of the back bodice piece. Find the center of the back bodice and draw 3" line right down it. Then draw another line a 1/4" to the left and right of the center line for a stitching guild later. 

2. Pin and Stitch both front and back shoulder pieces with the right sides together. Repeat with the bodice lining pieces. (I also finish all my raw edges as I go)

3. Take your sleeve ruffle and press the bottom down a 1/4" to the wrong side and then again to the wrong side a 1/4". 

4. Stitch the outer most fold. I added trim to mine so I pinned my trim on first then as I was stitching I also stitched my trim down as well. Repeat with second sleeve. 

5. Sew a gathering stitch across the top of both sleeves. 

6. Find the center of the sleeve and pin it to the shoulder seam, right sides together. Then measure the bodice side in a 1 1/2" and pin the edge of the sleeve there. Them measure again a 1 1/2" in on the other side of the bodice and pin the second side of the sleeve. Adjust gathers on the sleeve to fit. Baste in place. Repeat with second sleeve. 

7. Now slip your bodice lining over your main bodice with the right sides together. Place the main bodice wrong side up, pin the lining and main bodices together. 

8. I take an extra step here to help my front corners turn nicely. I take my quilting ruler and measure in a 1/4" square for the seam allowance on the front bodice lower squared edge. Mark the 1/4" inside corner spot. Repeat this on the second side of the front bodice.  

9. Stitch around the neck line all the way around, be sure to stitch your back bodice on your stitching lines you made. 

Trim your seams and corners very well, turn and press. 

Be sure to roll your bodice lining to the inside slightly as you are pressing the bodice. 

We will leave off here today and finish up sewing tomorrow. 

Happy Sewing!!


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