Friday, August 21, 2015

Sweet pea and Her First Week At School In Mama Made and Back Blogging Fashion Show Part #1

First off it has been a really good week for all the kids going back to school. They really enjoy it so far. You can tell from Sweet pea's photos that she was super nervous at first but as the week has she has decided she has the most smart teacher in the world. This makes me happy to hear. This was her first Grammies Dolls outfit I had blogged about a while ago and her new teacher! 

This is my less that excited crew on the very first day, Prince C or Caillou as he likes to be called now (He gave himself this nick name and loves it), is super happy until he got to school and did not stay with Sweet Pea. He is doing fine but misses his sister terribly so during the day.  

Day #2 Our Oliver and S Butterfly Blouse and skirt set. I love the fit of set and the length of the skirt and blouse both. The skirt is corduroy and the shirt is Art galley Emma Grace. We plan on layering this outfit in the fall.  (I bought a pair of the cute fox socks that Brittany posted about to go with this now!!!) 

You can tell by her second day that it went much better and she was happy to go back. Yay!! 

Day #3 Grammies Doll's Bitty Beatrix Blouse with store bought jeans.....yes store bought. Any way....the shirt has cotton lace details on the bodice ad the sleeves are trimmed in lace. This top too will be layered in the cooler days coming ahead.   

Notice more happy on day three?!? 

To answer the question, yes she can still play in store bought jeans. She wasn't sure of these strange stiff things but some of the other children had them so we had to try them out. I know she will need them in our freezing winter weather.   

Day #4 and our last day of this week she saved her most special, favorite dress in all her closet. The dress who's fabric came all the way from Australia for a really good friend.   

Today is her Library day at school and she has decided this means dress day at school. This dress was made with Oliver and S Puppet Show Dress trimmed in lace and antic buttons. I love the timeless look of this one. The blue looks so lovely with her green eyes. 

This dress is also great for church as well. It's so lovely I think. When she out grows this one it will be put up in my sewing studio with her smocked Easter dress. 

The back has "flat" buttons so her hair does not get stuck in the buttons. Her long hair seems to do this with regular buttons now, no fun at all. 

I have to say a very  big thank you again to Tamara, I hope one day to tell you in person. :-) 

So week one down and many to go. I will post many more new outfits next week as she wears and get my blog caught all up!  I also will be posting a free Christmas stocking pattern here too for everyone. I sewn our whole family up one this summer. 

happy Sewing!!!


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