Monday, August 31, 2015

Christmas Stockings for the Family

This year I have made my whole family matching stockings for Christmas. Well I really stared these in June and had planned on having them done and posted by July but life got busy! I am sure you know how that goes. 

Now these stockings are not just any stockings but they are from my pattern I made. I am hoping to have it all done this week week and posted up. (I would say for sure I will but life does happen.) The pattern will be completely free and I will post it up on my blog. Sew them up as you would like. Make one for your child, grandma or friend's children. I also ask one thing in return for offering this pattern for free. While you are making one up could you make an extra one and give to a child in this this coming Holiday season? 

Christmas time is a very special time of the year for my family and me. It is first off Jesus 's birthday. The kids of course love the Santa part as well. Santa means home made lovelies on the wall and under the tree to them. 

However, while I was sewing these up I had enough fabric to make two more up, extra ones. I then started thinking how one should have been our lost baby's stocking. It did make me cry....a lot. Then I started thinking how I know he is ok and doing well  in heaven in the arms of Christ and how there are so many children here that do not have a a wonderful Christmas. Sure people do help donate gifts for families struggling but I started to think that these children do not have a nice stocking hung on the wall from Santa. I am sure some do have the the cheaper made store run of the mill stockings but wouldn't it be wonderful for these children to wake up and find a lovely homemade stocking form "Santa" on Christmas morning? This thought made me smile. I know it is something small but it is something that I can do. 

I am planning on organizing with our local charity and fabric store to get our wonderful local quilters and seamstresses together to make as many as we can for this years Christmas. My goal is that all the local children will have have a lovely stocking this holiday season. 

To make 9 stockings I used one Moda JellyRoll, 4 yards backing/top fabric, 6 yards lining fabric and one crib size quilt batting. So be on the look out for the pattern by the end of this week or beginning of next week! 


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