Saturday, August 22, 2015

Fall Brother and Sister outfits

More back blogging today for you, these outfits I sewn a few weeks back. Our mornings and nights are starting to get chilly and I want to be prepared for fall weather before it arrives to our area. Both Prince C's top Sweet pea's outfit are Art gallery Indelible knit. I love the feel of this brand of knit fabric! It is so sturdy and super soft as well. Prince C has worn his top to bed a few nights already saying it was so warm and comfy. 

Miss Sweet pea's is Tea Collection dress knock off. My first go at this I use the O+S Library dress but I was not super happy with the fit of it. I had just sewn along in a sew along over at Izzy and Ivy with the Tullilah dress (now I love, love that dress pattern!!) and was thinking it would be perfect with less mods needing to be done to the dress. All I did was make the waist band longer and the bodice longer as well, took the cuff off the sleeve added the length back into the long sleeve and added a 1/2" for hemming, (four inches I think?) and added a knit A line skirt. It was really easy to do. I used Oliver and S Playtime leggings pattern for the bottoms. These have to be my favorite legging pattern ever! 

Prince C's outfit I used Oliver and S Sail boat pattern for his shirt. I adore this pattern for boys so much. I prefer the top sewn in all knit though, it looks like it was made for knits to me.  I also love how I can sew one of these up in a few hours from start to finish and the fit is spot on for little man. I also love how this knit top can easily layer over a long sleeve oxford shirt as well. (Wait till you see the his second fall outfit I made him!!!!! Oh yah it's that awesome. ;-)} 

The bottoms are from Oliver and S Sandbox patterns made in a corduroy however though I didn't sew this pair. They came form Oliver and S Sample sale.  (still going on right now too if you would like to buy a few things.) 

Now I will tell you I love the fit of this whole outfit on Prince C but I will not lie that I cried as I traced it out. I had to trace out a 3T, yes a 3T! When did he grow so much!! It seams like the years are flying past.  

I really also love how both children love this fabric, it works so well for both girls and boys. I love the fall colors in it as well. Sweet pea and Prince C love the birds on it most. I knew they would, they are my bird watchers. 

They are growing up fast but they are still best friends. I love these two!  

happy Sewing!!!


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