Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Quilt Made With Love

Earlier this year I made a quilt for my husband's wonderful cousin and her sweet husband. Both are very special people in our lives and we are so thankful to know both of them. This quilt is the largest one I have made to date, also the first one I didn't quilt myself but sent out to be quilted. It is a little larger than a queen size so perfect for curling up on the cold chilly nights to keep you cozy. 

I didn't use a pattern on this quilt but made it Jelly roll style off a design that I have seen on Facebook. I couldn't find the pattern but it didn't slow me down! I am very thrilled on how this one turned out. 

The binding I used a stripped, my favorite way to finish a quilt. This has to be my favorite quilt I have sewn, so much love went into this one, how could it not? When I finished this quilt our cousin's husband was very sick with cancer and now has left this world to be in a better place where he no longer hurts. I know many miss him dearly, as we do as well. This also made this the hardest quilt to finish as well. Lots of tears. Also as why I have not bogged about it until now but I did want to share as it is o the best quilt I have made. 

Here is the back side, the lady who quilted it did a lovely job that I could not be happier with. Both of them love their quilt and it is still with her. I have plans to pick quilting back up this fall as I have several started. Too many started that need finished! Well we shall see. 


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