Thursday, August 3, 2017

Birdie Birthday Party Dress

This Birthday Party dress (pattern from Oliver and S) was the first one sewn of the summer season. The fabric was sent from Great-grandma, making this a very special. It's hard to believe I have made this dress in a few years and she is now one size away from outgrowing this pattern altogether. I plan to sew many of these before that happens!  On this one I pleated the top but left the bottom alone for an easy to wear and wash dress for the hot season. 

Sweet Pea picked out a button that Great-grandma sent a few years ago to complete this dress. She loves the heart on the button tab and tells me so every time she wears it. This dress was made a few sizes bigger so it fits longer and can be layered over the winter months. I love being able to have many seasons out of a garment I make for my children. Over all this was a very pleasing pattern pattern to sew. I have a smocked one in the works, as long as I can sit still to smock it will be done! It is planned for our first day back to school dress. 

Here is to the last few weeks of summer break!! 

Happy Sewing!


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