Friday, August 4, 2017

Roses for Stella

I am back again this week!!! I have been on a sewing roll, which seems like has not been in forever. Sweet Pea will be one lovely dressed little girl this year. (Next up will be Prince C in all his wonderful mama made clothes.) Today I am sharing another Izzy and Ivy Stella dress. This one is so sweet and fun to make that I couldn't resist making two, well a third one is cut with a fourth on in the works as well. I love the classic little girl look of this style and the easy of sewing it. It was very relaxing to make. I can see why I want to make a few more. I did change the skirt up on this one though. I made the skirt in one panel and added a hem band to that. I also shorten the length as well. This pattern is a paper but I have herd it will become a PDF later on this year. 

I did make this one a size bigger than she measures to insure that it fits nicely for the entire school year. I am hoping well into next school year as well. I narrowed sown the sash waist band on this one to add lace and ribbon. My girly girl just loves the sash on this one! Plus it is her favorite colors and flower. We won the fabric for this dress in a sew along on Izzy and Ivy Facebook group. The sew along was a lot fun!! I will need to share the three dress I made then. Yep three. Somehow I just cannot sew one of an Izzy and Ivy pattern.  Also noticed the new hair cut and newly pierced ears?? My baby girl is defiantly grown so much this summer. 

The peasant style makes this an easy dress for Sweet pea to put on herself and she loves the comfy fit with the dressy look as well. 

See our new butterfly earrings?? She really surprised us in wanting to have them done. She is now ready to take her daddy our earring shopping. Typical girl. ha! 

Happy Back to school sewing ladies!



  1. I love your interpretation of this dress and the fabric! She will be the best dressed at school for sure!


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