Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wee Wander Picnic Blouse and Shorts

I am back with more adventures in back to school sewing!! Today I am sharing a Class Picnic set from Oliver and S that I sewn the other day. It's from Sarah Jane's Wee Wander line paired with twill shorts.I think the line is perfect for back to school as she wanders to new places and learns new things! 

I made her a size 8, which is than what she wears, I am hoping for two years out of her outfits as previous years. Fingers crossed! I was able to cut the top out of one yard of fabric which happened with a careful pattern layout with no left over fabric. I made my daughter three of these so far but I can promise there will be more. The shorts was cut from a yard of Fabric Finders Twill. Even more amazing was I cut a pair of size 4 Sketchbook shorts from the very same one yard of twill! yes two pairs of shorts with one yard of fabric!! It took some fancy laying out but I made it work. 

I added lace trim the the front yoke. A friend gave me the tip of adding so her child and husband could tell the front from the back, clever idea. I did forget to add this to the first I sewn up. (More to come on that later this week!) I had mom brain going that day. Well, my husband and I were cleaning out the basement getting ready to finish up whole basement in a remodel. Which means an even better sewing studio! You know I am excited for that! 

My little Wee Wander is ready for her next big adventure, Second Grade!! 

Happy Sewing!!



  1. This is utterly sweet, Sharon! Love the little lace trim - very clever to use that only on the front, too! The shorts are adorable. I really want to make these for Maggie this year, it's been a tough summer for me, sewing wise! I love how fabric-efficient these patterns are, though. I bet I could do shorts for Mags from a half-yard.

    1. I am very sure you could make these shorts in a 1/2 yard as well. I just now have my sewing mojo back after it took a very long hiatus. I had to squeeze in a few sewing jobs here and there this past week as well but I should be able to finish my Sketchbook cutting spree today. (five shirts this round). I do find summer time to be the hardest time to sew myself.

  2. After-school pants are my go to fabric scraps pattern. The long strips are great.
    This is a lovely outfit and she has got so big
    Your new sewing studio sounds very exciting, I hope you are keeping well.
    xx N

    1. Thank you! I still need to snag the larger size After school pants. I am sure I will buy it next month for autumn sewing. I did just pull this one for Caspian though. I love the fit on my slim fellow.

  3. Love the lace idea. What a fantastic color.


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