Thursday, January 6, 2011

The best Christmas Ever!

This year for Christmas we went up to see my parents in Illinois where I was born.  We haven't seen my parents for a about 4 years so this was a much look forward to trip! WARNING lots of pictures!!!
 Here is my dad holding Sweet pea, she loves Grandpa. :)
 Here is my mom and my best friend. She taught me how to sew, quilt and crochet. I really look up to her.
 My dad likes to deer hunt so he showed our boys how to use a bow, they were so mesmerized by it!
 Every time he would shoot the bow for them they would ask for one more time!

The boys really loved spending time with thier grandpa!

 It snowed on Christmas Eve! The kids just loved it! It doesn't snow but about one time a year where we live. :(

Wyatt loven' the snow!
 Garrett was catching snow flakes with his tounge!
 Sweet pea loved the pretty red bows, she was trying to steal them here, hehe
 I wanted a picture of the kids under the tree but the baby was running away, the oldest was grabing presnents and the yungest boy was day dreaming about what was inside the gifts from Santa!
 A Christmas day sled ride, what fun! It was a white Christmas.
 Sweet pea loved the snow but it was a bit cold for her, lol
 My dad and the boys on a sled ride through the woods, they had a blast!
 Jacob and dad right behind them enjoying a winter wonderland. Below in an old barn behind my folks house, I just love the look of it covered in snow.

The kids loved spending time with grandma and grandpa, they didn't want to leave. Last night my middle son was calling out for grandma. :( It was the best Christmas ever and I can't wait to go back and visit again!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas too!

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