Saturday, January 22, 2011

My littlest Valentine

 Here is my littlest Valentine, small but just as sweet as her big brothers.
 I made her dress and bonnet from Simplicity pattern # 2392, the same as her polka dot dress. I remember my mom having this pattern years ago, I just love the older patterns. :)
 Sweet pea is sitting down on a chair here, but it is hard to tell. She was trying to get away, again ,lol.
 I used three different heart fabrics for her outfit. I left the pockets off this dress and added a ruffle around the bottom. The pattern I used was very easy and didn't take long to sew together.
 The bonnet has the scalloped edge to match the top of the dress. I added little roses to sides of  the bonnet to dress it up. It has a single button in the back of the bonnet.
 I love that little nose! How fast she is growing  up. sniff sniff

 I love at how sweet she looks here, but let me tell you she did a lot of crying and trying to get the bonnet off her head. She hates hates to wear hats. Unfortunately it is cold here so she must wear one while we are outside but she always lets me know how she feels about it. 
I am happy with the way her dress turned out, I was afraid of the different fabrics might not look so good together but I really like it now that it is done. Happy Sewing!


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  1. Wow, such a nice post for a adventure lover like me, you have an ideal life. I wish I have a life like yours, thank you for sharing your moment with us


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