Monday, January 17, 2011

Sewing a Ball Pit

Look at what I made!!!
 This weekend my husband and I made Sweet pea a home made ball pit for her birthday.  It was a very fun project for the two us! I can't say the whole project went together quickly, but not too hard though. ;)
 My hubby used 1/2" PVC pipe for the entire frame, this was the quick part. Next I made sheer curtains for the sides and front. I made one solid curtain for the sides, to help keep the balls in, and two panels for the front with ties to keep them open.  I then made a fabric bottom to hold the balls in. The bottom, front, sides and back are one solid piece. It slips over the bottom of the frame and ties on the sides 12" up and also ties on the back side on the top.
 The birthday girl was very excited to receive this gift!
   And so was her brothers! lol  
 But she was happy to share. :)
 I then made the top. It has scalloped edge all the way around the top and ties in the corners and the center of the front and back.
 I am very pleased with the way it came out. I can say so is Sweet pea.
 It is tall enough for our almost 8 year old to stand up in it, so plenty of room to grow for her. It is 4' long x 3' wide and 4' tall.
 Sweet pea mostly throws the balls out and the boys fetch them for her, lol. I think this is gift she will enjoy for years to come!
Happy Sewing!!


  1. Looks awesome! So much better than those inflatable things. Nice job

  2. adorable, wish i had room in the house for one of these! great job!

  3. This is amazing! Good job! You got my brain churning with ideas with your creation.

    You could easily turn this into a puppet theatre, as well, by putting a "t" joint on each of the front poles, where another pole could go across the middle with a curtain on it.

    You could also sew a fabric panel with holes and hang it from the front so your kids could throw the balls through the holes into the pit when their coordination gets better.

    This is totally wonderful. I have never seen anything like this. What a way to bless your kids!

  4. I love the idea about making a panelwith joles to through the balls through! I am going to make this. :)

  5. Hooray you were featured today! I'd love if you stopped by and grabbed a button!


  6. Amazing! Thanks for sharing. Where did you buy the balls? I can't wait to make one for my daughter.

  7. This is just too fantastic - what fun for the kids. Came across your blog via Skip to my Lou linky - so happy I did... am off to follow you now...
    If you get a chance come by and say hi at The Quick Unpick If you like, even follow along - I have a $30 gift voucher follower giveaway at the moment too if you'd like to enter!
    The Spangler

  8. What a fantastic idea. Very original. Where did you get the balls?


  9. We got the balls from Wal-mart, there ias 250 balls in one bag for $20.

  10. An awesome gift I would say!! Thanks so much for auditioning for OMTWI! :)


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