Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tickeled Pink Birthday Party

Happy 1st Birthday Sarah!!
 It is hard to believe that this little cutie.....
 and this little cutie became...
 Is now a beautiful little girl!
 A silly, happy, cute little girl. :)
 I made all of her decorations for birthday party, a sewn cupcake banner, a scrap book paper banner and lots of pom poms!
There was hearts hanging from the chandalier above a lolly pop "flower" bouquie.

 All her sweet treats were pink, including pink (strawberry) milk complete with pink swirl straws!

 I made drop flowers with the pearl sprinkles in the centers. I used the same frosting as the cupcakes for Garrett's birthday.
 I decorated her cake with "ribbons" all over it. I got the idea from Martha Stewart.
 I also made chocolate covered oreo cookies and pretzels.
 The first tatse of her cake, not so bad.
 She loved the frosting! She didn't even eat any of the cake, lol.

 This was just too cute not to share, My hubby's nephew stuck a staw in his cupcake then...
Tried to drink it! lol

It was a great birthday with family, all the kids had lots of fun. :)



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