Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Birthday Banner Tutorial

 I made my youngest son a birthday banner last week for his 5th birthday and made Sweet pea one last night for her first birthday. It is very easy and fun to make! I though I would share a tutorial on how I made them.
 You'll need scrape book paper, party streamers, hot glue and ribbon.

First figure out how many pendents you need, one for every letter and picture you want to include. (in Sweet pea's I added hearts and cupcakes to the banner)
Cut out rectangles or squares depending one the size you want your pendents; the blue and green one the rectangles were 4"x6"  and the pink one they are 6"x6" squares.
 Mark the center on the bottom of the rectangle/square. (this piece is a left over piece, it isn't the right size but you get the idea).
Cut from the top edge to the center mark, turn and repeat the same on the other side to make the pendents.
 This is what it will look like. 
 Now take the party streamers and cut 2 strips 12" long.

 Accordion fold both pieces, run glue down one end of a folded strip.Use Elmer's glue for this step so that you won't burn any fingures! Place the second piece on top.

 Run glue along the end of the strip on top.
 Pull around gluing the ends together to form a circle.
Now you have a circle!  Repeat until you have enough circle for all the pendents.
 Now take the pendents and make a circle in the center with the hot glue and place the circle strip on to it.

 Next cut out 2 3/8" circles for all the pendents, I have a circle cutter I used but you can trace a circle lid and cut them out.  Run hot glue in a circle and the round cut out and place onto the party strip circle.

 Almost done! I traced out my letters with cookie cutters for the green and blue one and used wooden letters for the pink one. (If you are lucky enough to have a nice cutting machine I would sooo use this insted!)
 Take a hole punch and punch holes in both coners of the pendents and then run the ribbon through them. I made the name seperate from the birhtday part so I can hang it on her bedroom wall after her party.
 All that is left is to hang it on your wall and enjoy!! I used a heart shape and cupcake cut out on the end of the banner with her name, sweet just like her. :)

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