Saturday, January 15, 2011

What I have been doing all week

Sweet pea is turning one on Wednesday this next week so I have been making decorations for the house to celabrate this wonderful day! We have  been very blessed to have our little girl after haveing three boys so of course I wanted to make this 1st birthday very special. :)

I made pom poms to hang from the ceiling, I used the same colors that are in her nursry. I have always loved the look of them. I wanted to make some for my son's birthday but time got away on me with making 20 aprons for the kids.

 I made a smaller size pom pom for a garland on the mantel. Insted of useing floral wire I used a pretty fuzzy pink yarn. I cut one long piece of yarn and tied it around the center of each pom pom, they are placed every 8" apart.
 I do love the look of the smaller pom poms!
 I also made Sweet pea a fabric banner as well. I took some left over fabric from her birthday dress and her New Years dress to make it. I cut 6"x7" rectangles then traced a small plate at the end to give it the rounded bottom. I made my own bias tape for the top.
  I am very happy with the way this came out. I can use this for all her birthdays for years to come!

 I also made her a birthday table runner with the same fabric from her dress and a pretty unicorn lolly pop "flower arangment". My sons are arlready trying eat them, that's what I get for putting them out,lol.
 Here is my heart dangles, they have a double purpose, her birthday and Valentines Day.
 I used scrap book paper and gold metalic thread to make them. I think they look very nice. They were very easy and fun to make too. :)
 Not bad for a mama of four I say. (yes my light is out, lol)
 Here is a better picture of the table runner, I just love all the pink in house this past year! It has been wonderful to have a daughter after three boys. I love the dresses, the dollies and the Fancy Nancy books we read toghether. God has really blessed our family with a sweet little girl.

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  1. Love the garland banner--very pretty. Your daughter is adorable too!


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