Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Birthday, Birthdays!

 This Tuesday tutorial will be posted a bit later today due to we have been busy getting ready for a double birthday party! Yes another one, the kids birthday are all a couple of weeks apart. The two older boys' birthdays were earlier this month but we are having their party this weekend because we had all our trees cut down from our yard. It was about 70 trees, front and back. We are still cleaning up the yard a bit but it looks great!
 Here is birthday boy #1, he is our oldest. He looks up to his grandpa so much!
Birthday boy #2, he is not even a year younger than our oldest. He was at his big brothers very first birthday party, that was weird for me. ;) They were both 7 for about two weeks!

 And a little sneak peak at the party theme. (the ones on hte left I made) Can you guess what it is?
The tutorial goes with theme as well. I will posted later today so look out for it this afternoon!


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