Monday, February 28, 2011

Carnival Party!

This past Saturday we celebrated Jacob's and Wyatt's birthday with a back yard carnival party. They both had birthdays this month but we had put off the party while we were having trees from our yard cut down. (We had 45 trees removed from the front and sides alone! My hubby and I bought this house a few years back and this was one thing I really wanted to do.)

We had hot dogs, cotton candy, pop corn and soda for snacks.

I made their cupcakes, I used the same frosting recipe as Garrett's and Sweet pea's for the cupcakes for their birthdays. I just love the frosting! It is light and fluffy, not too sweet but sweet enough.

I also made the cotton candy holders. I used 12"x 12" scrap book paper. I cut the paper in half from one corner to the other corner and just wrapped it around to form a tub. Easy peasy!

Here is the prize table. The kids all played the games to earn tickets to win different prizes. They all had a Blast!

We had a Kissing both (sorry I forgot to take a picture of this one). The kids guessed to see how many Hersey kisses were in the jar. The closest geuss won the jar.

We had a fish bowl toss. I placed a fish in two of the fish bowls, both of those were bounes tickets. (I only put the pictures of my kids on here)

What fun is a water shoot game!

My son didn't relize I was taking his picture here, lol.

And Lawn bowling, I found this at Wal-mart. I thought the kids could play this one all summer long.

See all the dirt? This was from the trees being cut down. The trucks tore the yard up but totaly worth it to get rid of the trees!!

My oldest son, he loved the water gun game!

We had a ring toss game too. This was my middle son's favorite game. Sweet pea's too! She tried to put the rings onto the pole but she was just an inch too short, lol 

Then the kids got the idea to have a water gun fight. It wouldn't have been bad but it was around 60 degrees out that day. 

We also payed our fishing game too, but I forgot to take pictures of this too.  
Everyone won lots of tickets and prizes! I hope everyone weekend was just as fun!

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