Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Go Fishing! Tutorial

For my sons' birthday party we are having a carnival party this year. I thought a go fishing game would be a lot of fun for the younger children. I know my kids sure do love it already! I wanted to make something that would last past their party so I used some scrap fleece I had on hand.
Here is what you'll need to make your own;

You'll need a 1/2 dowel rod
string leather
scrap fleece or felt, both will work just fine
paper clips
sewing machine
hot glue gun

 1; first drill a hole on the one end of the dowel rod, use a 9/16" drill bit.

Then tie one end of the leather string through the hole of the dowel rod.
At the other end hot glue the magnet to the end of the string.

2: print out the pattern for the fish here, for every fish you make you will need two cut out, a front and a back. I made 6 of each color so I cut out 12 of each color of fleece.

 3: Pin two cut out fish together. Sew around useing a zig zag stitch. Leave a 1/2" open at the mouth to insert the paper clip.
4: insert paper clip. (I place a paper clip on top to show what it looks like on the inside) Hand stitch the mouth closed, stitch around the middle of the paper clip to hold the paper clip in place.

Now let the kids enjoy!

Happy Crafting!

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