Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentines Avent Garland Tutorial

 Valentine's Day is only 14 days away! I can't believe how fast January went by! My kids are super excited about Valentin's coming up so I thought a advent would be nice for the fire place. This garland sure put me in the mood for a little love too. :) The top of each heart is open so it can be filled with treats to make a count down fun.

You will need:
 different scrap pieces of Valentine fabric
1/2 yard of lining fabric
2 yards of double folded bias tape
***sew with 1/4"
 seam allowance***

 Step 1; First you will make your heart pattern, you can trace a heart or free hand it. I had a template from my scrap booking supplies. My heart is 5 1/2" wide and is 5" from center point to bottom point. Now round the edges of the center point and bottom point, this will make the heart look smoother when turned.

Cut out 28 main fabric hearts and 28 lining hearts fabric.
 Step 2; Add your 1 to 14 numbers. I free handed the numbers onto the hearts with my sewing machine close zig zag stitch.
 Step 3; pin the numbered hearts to a cut out lining heart, right sides together, and stitch around leaving a 2 " opening on the side for turning.

For the back hearts take a main fabric heart and pin a lining cut out heart with right sides together and sew around with leaving a 2" opening for turning.
 Clip around the curves of all the hearts then turn and press.
 Step 4; Take a number heart and a backing heart with the lining facing each other, pin in place. Sew between the yellow, pink and then to the green pin. (see picture above) repeat with the remaining hearts.

 Step 5; Now take the double folded bias tape and the 1st heart in hand. Open up the first heart to the inside back placing the bias tape across the top of heart. See picture above. (place the opening of the bias tape to the top where it will be sewn to the hearts) Sew across top of bias tape, stitch to the heart.

With continued sewing, place 2nd heart about 1/2" away from edge of first heart and sew as same manner as first. (see picture above). Repeat with remaining hearts across.

That's all there is to it, your done!!
I put mine up last night after the kids where in bed, I can't wait to see their faces this morning! I know they will be excited about the advent as I am. :)
Happy Sewing!

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