Thursday, February 3, 2011


I was looking over at Craftiness is not optional and seen this amazing dress!

My first thought was "She did an outstanding job!" My second thought was Sweet pea has to have one!

The dress was taken from the American Girl doll dress for Kit. (I have been wanting to get Sweet pea the same doll since I found out I was having a girl)

So today I went out to the store and bought some fabric to make this dress. I have been thinking about how to make this pattern and am going to draw it up tomorow. (Right now I am making a summer dress pattern, tutorail will be on this coming Turesday) If it comes out the way I am hoping it does I will post a tutorial on it on the following Tuesday. :) I also bought more fabric to remake some of the other dresses from Kit. I post the outfits as I finish them, I am so excited about this up coming projects!!

Jess over at Craftiness is not Optional is going to make a tutorial on this dress, I am so excited! Can't wait till then!!
Happy Sewing!!

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