Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sick in Bed

 This week we have all been sick in bed with the flu. :( The baby came down with it on Friday so we all haven't gotten much sleep. We even missed church today because three of us are still sick. :( I wasn't able to finish the projects I wanted to. I was going to finish a new dress for Sweet pea, I am almost done but not quite. It is inspired by this dress from American Girl. I am making a pattern for this one too, I am thinking about a sew along next month for it. I need to finish birthday invations for my two older sons' party.  I have to finish those up today. I needed to send them out two days ago!
 I did mange to make a sleeping bag for Pickacho (?) and a 100 button shirt my son's 100th day of school. I was going to sew them on but time got me and the buttons were hot glued on. (I know lazy)
 The boys made these really cute Valentines for all their friends. They are made from old broken crayons! I seen these on another blog but can't find were at now. (If it's yours thank you!) The boys had so much fun making these!
 I bought the small silicon heart mold from Wilton. The boys peeled and broke the crayons up, then covered the bottom of the cups with the broken crayons. I baked them at 300 degrees for 10 minutes. I then let them cool completely before we removed them from the molds. That's all there is to it! Easy pesy!!
I hope everyone else had a great week!!

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