Monday, February 21, 2011

Oranges and Ruffles

I have been thinking about hot summer days, sandy beaches, beautiful blue skies and smell of salt water on a warm breeze! This outfit reminds of of the Florida coast. I'm not sure if it's the oranges or the bright blue sky color back ground. :)

I made this outfit last night. I uesd McCall's #6270. When I bought the pattern I loved the outfit but also really loved the fabric. Then one night I was on the Hancock website and found the exsact same fabric! I had to have it! I was very surprised when I recieved the fabric in the mail, the fabric was brighter and prettier. In the picture it looks like a purple back grougnd when it is a viebrint blue. The picture does not show the color as beautiful as it does in person.
I did change the pattern a bit though. One thing is on the back I made a fabric loop for the button. I am going to put a fabric covered button on it. (I have to run down to the store later and buy a pack seeing I decided to add it at around 3 am, why can't Hobby Lobby be open 24 hours )
I really do love all the ruffles on this top. I can't wait to see it on Sweet pea!



  1. Super Cute! I have this same pattern sitting in my drawer and you have inspired me to pull it out! Do you have any tips for this pattern?! I do so much better without a pattern so I usually get the basics from the pattern and tweak it to my liking!

  2. That is so cute! I bet it will look adorable on your daughter!

  3. It is adorable! Hopefully the warm weather comes soon so your daughter can wear it.


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