Monday, February 14, 2011

A New Serger!

I am so EXCITED!!!!
My hubby bought me this for Valentines day this year! I just have to wait till it comes, he order it off Internet. I have been wanting this like forever!

I have a dozen projects I am wanting to try. I know what I will be making first. I love this dress from Girl.Inspired. So beautiful! It will probably be Sweet Pea's Easter dress.

Have a very Happy Valentines Day!!!


  1. ooohh, yay! This might sound dumb, but maybe you could do some Serger tutorials? I got one in September & it's still in the box because I'm completely intimidated by it. (lame, I know.) Happy Valentine's day!

  2. Oh that sounds like alot fun! I have a few ideas already. :)


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