Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Nature Walk for Prince C

This New Year I promise myself to sew at least once from every pattern I have bought! Yes, each and every one of them! Oh know this is a very tall order for me. The first one on the list in Oliver + S Nature walk set. Believe it or not I bought (the bigger size) this pattern in my first batch of O+S. I planed on making it for my older boys-like over three year ago. Then when I knew baby #5 was a boy I had to buy the smaller one before they disappeared.  Sad is it not?!?  
Well sad no more! I sewn my first one! I made the 12-18 months size for Prince C. He wears almost everything in the 12-18 months range but the sketchbook and Sailboat bottoms he is still a 6-12months. So I thought, this should fit!
I should have known better it didn't. I should have measured. While the top fits fabulous the bottoms are tight. They do go on but I really need to make the next size up, well the waist line needs to be the next size up, the fit in the legs and length is perfect other than that. (excuse the shirt sticking out of the bottom, it's a 24m size shirt and is big on him, it's from my lovely sister. : ) I know he'll grow into it)

On plus side, he loves it, pants and all! He keeps rubbing the pants, I guess he is a fleece baby.

Now the pattern it's self is wonderful! I should have known. ; ) Everything came together nicely and this over all fairly quick to sew as well. I did do most of the sewing for the top on my serger. This is another "Why did I not sew this sooner"! I think I will see a few more bottoms for Prince C in these, and maybe a pair or two for Sweet pea. She seems to like this too and was disappointed when she found out they were not hers.

Poor little lass, I have not sewn for her in ages. (the dolly doesn't count as she has no clue mommy made it) She has been wanting a new dress and I have been enjoying sewing for my boys. Maybe one more dress then back to my little Prince, he really does need some new things.

So what are you ladies New Years sewing resolutions?


  1. First off, it's not sad that you need to acquire patterns .. the more the better! LOL Sweet little outfit for Prince C. I found the pants were a little tight too, making the same size for the top and pants because like you, I didn't measure.
    How did S like the dolly "Santa" brought her? I bet she was thrilled with her. And where is your snow?!!! I can lend you plenty if you need some :)

    1. I think I might have enough fabric left over from the pants to make a bigger size.

      Oh S loves her dolly! She keeps her up when she isn't playing with her as so Prince C won't touch her, lol. She named her Lalaloopsy. Go figure. ; ) Ah the snow has been gone for over a week now with the highs in the 40s, but we are to get some more today. I sewn Caspian's outfit on the back porch yesterday it was nice out. It really felt like spring and today it's in the teens.

  2. I have made quite a few of these pants - they make great sweatpants/PJs for the boys and have a cute "yoga pants" look on the girls. I have yet to make the top, though, I don't know what's holding me back!

    I really want to make at least one of every O+S pattern I have. I am not going to make a resolution, because then it might feel like a job, but I am trying to break into some heretofore never sewn patterns. And I am FINALLY making my first thing from the LTTS book now, I am embarrassed to admit. But we all have to start somewhere, right? It's the artist's smock, btw. :-)

    1. I have been wanting to make the smock too! I can't wait to see the one you make...or two. ; )

    2. Oh wow, it must be one of the last patterns in the book you HAVEN'T made! It is turning out very cute, should have a post on it quite soon. Just need to do the finishing. And yeah, Maggie might need one too ...

    3. It is one of the last six things I have not made yet. After the little village I plan on making at least two of these for the little ones, my older boys have told me they are "too old" for them. :


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