Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Puppet Theater Christmas Gift for Prince C: Part 1

Here is my second homemade Christmas gift! It's the Puppet Theater from The Little Things To Sew Book. It was on my list last year but I was unable to get to it until, well until last week. I really was beginning to wonder if I would have enough time to make and finish it this year but I did!

I made it for Prince C but I am very sure that all the kids will use it. Prince C is a tad short to reach the puppet theater curtains at the moment. I am sure he'll grow into it. : )
On his I copied an idea from this Puppet theater, love it! I made Prince C his own label complete with Charlie and Lola. I had to add them for when I was sewing this I kept thinking this reminded me of their house. Can you here the two of the giggling?!? I plan on making Prince C Charlie and Lola puppets after the Holidays and birthday season is over.

I used scraps of Children at play scraps for the flowers on the window boxes and a old brass button for the door knob. The button is a special button for my grandmother. : )

I did have to sew this with Sweet pea and little man watching to get it done but the good news is that he really, really loves it! I had to pry it from his hands with him screaming "mine, give back!" at me.
The other great part? It's #12 from the Little Things to Sew book Challenge! Yippy!

Bartacks and Singletrack : want to go all the way with me?
Tomorrow I share the puppets and puppet bags,
Until then Happy Sewing!


  1. I think I'll be raising my white flag pretty soon. :)
    this is gorgeous Sharon. I love the brick and wood effects and your little shrubs and that art deco style window in the door. All just too perfect.
    the label is lovely and I'm so glad I was a source of inspiration. it's pretty easy to go overboard on this project and keep adding stuff. Sewing it with a tight deadline is probably a good idea!

    1. Thank you! You are so right about having a tight deadline for making this. It is way too easy to overboard with this! oh the ideas I have but not the time to add everything.

  2. Another amazing project that all of your children are going to love! And I love Prince C's face here! He's so happy!

    1. He sure does love it and he was sure really mad at me for taking it away to wrap! I think this Christmas morning will be the best.


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