Friday, December 20, 2013

A Requested Christmas Outfit for Garrett

Now this doesn't happen very often but one of my middle boys, Garrett, requested that I make him a Christmas outfit for his program at school this year. We chose the Oliver + S Sketchbook pattern for both shirt and pants. This is a favorite of mine and the boys both. He picked out the shirting from some on hand fabric I had in my stash. It's from my lovely grandmother so it very special, perfect for a Christmas shirt. It's polyester blend and has a sheen to it.  The shirt is a size 6, I added 3" to the length of the shirt and 1" to the sleeve length. While he has gotten taller he has not filled out any. I also hanged up the pocket a bit and made it triangle at the bottom instead of square.
The pants are a brown suiting I bought this past Easter but never got around to sew. Easter was full of smocking for the two little ones. He loves the fit and softness of both fabrics. These I just added length to make them pants form shorts. These are a size 7 so he will have tummy/bottom growing room.

I think he looks very sharp, so does his brother who has requested an outfit just like this one. That's Wyatt. They wear the same size clothes, right down do alterations. I am making him the same one so they don't fight over this one. I have his pants almost done as well.

I do love this pattern, it was love at first sew. : )

So are you ladies working on any last minute sewing too?
Happy Sewing!


  1. Love plaid shirts. Mr. G looks really spiffy! In the new year I'm going to start making more sketchbook shirts - thanks for your inspiration!
    Say...where's your snow? Did it melt? I don't see any in the background.

    1. Thanks! I have made over 20 shirts and over 20 shorts/pants with this pattern, I sure can say it is my most used pattern I own.
      Oh the snow melted over night! It's about 60 here today and raining. We had about 6 inches too. New snow is coming on Sunday though. : )

  2. He's so handsome in his new outfit! I love all the sewing that you've been doing for Christmas!

    1. aaaww, thanks Cindy! I happy to say that all gift sewing is done, now to finish all the boys' outfits and one set of pj's.

  3. He's so dapper! I love this! I am indeed trying to crank out some last minute sewing - a nightgown for my little niece. Luckily I have until Friday ...


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