Monday, December 23, 2013

Some Small Christmas projects!

A very quick post on some smaller things I have made for Christmas. This little fellow was made on Friday, the last day the kids were in school before the holiday break. He's for Prince C. Prince C has taking a liking to Sweet pea's baby from Aunt Fran so I am hoping this gets him to leave her alone. (Lots of fighting of Sweet pea's dolly!)

He is a baby sock monkey too! I made him a cloth nappy, the very same as I used with Sweet pea Ella doll. Both were quick easy. the sock monkey was lots of hand stitching though.

I even made a place his tale to go through. All I did was make a big buttonhole on the nappy.
I also made Prince C a nice bib for Little things To Sew book. I bought this book with Sweet pea in mind to make her a bunch of these but it never did happen. At least I did get around to get use out of this pattern for the next baby! It's a great pattern, easy a fairly quick. I am getting much better at making bias I think. ; )

Later in the week I plan on making a few more of these. They will be very useful with my messy little man! He even likes to wear this.

lastly, Sweet pea and I made this Christmas tree cake yesterday together. It was so much fun baking her. Nothing says the Happy Holidays like baking! I think it came out very well. I wasn't ready to cut but she and the boys sure were! It's almost gone now. *sniff, sniff*
We have made over 5 dozen cookies and still counting, I still have some sewing that must be done before Christmas too. I hope to have it all done, wish my luck!
Merry Christmas!


  1. Woman, you are on FIRE. I have so enjoyed this handmade Christmas of yours! I aspire to be half as productive as you one year. Well done.

    1. Thanks! I don't see me sewing anything after Christmas day. ; )


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