Thursday, December 19, 2013

Puppet Theater Gift: part 2 and a wee little bunny!

Here is the second part to Prince C puppet theater present! I made the four puppets from the Little Things to Sew Bear bath mitten pattern. They were all very easy to make and the pattern mods we easy to make as well. I made all four in about two hours of sewing. Each puppet is from a different type of fabric, corduroy, fleece, wool and terry cloth.

I also made him a Juggler bag with left over fabrics from his theater. This pattern is also from the LTTS book.  I had left over its from the Super Why pajamas so I added the word "puppets" on the bag. This is so the older ones know not to put their things into it. ; )  
Both of these are from the Little Things to Sew book challenge, #13 and #14 done! Seven more to sew baby! 

I also whipped up this cute little bunny for Prince C for his stocking on Christmas morning. The fabric was left over from his lamb Halloween costume this year. He has super soft fur made for cuddling. C hasn't seen him yet either!

He even has a wee little tale.

Bartacks and Singletrack : want to go all the way with me?
Well I got to go back to sewing, I do hope to finish my ever growing list by Christmas eve! One more thing to sew for the baby today and Garrett's Sketchbook trousers.


  1. Such a gorgeous gift Sharon. He'll love it!

    1. I do hope so, thanks so much! Now the hard is me waiting for him to open his gifts on Christmas morning.


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