Saturday, December 28, 2013

LTTS Book: Messy Kid Bibs

When I bought my Little Things to Sew Book I bought it with this pattern in mind for Sweet pea. The main reason I bought this book... I never did get around to making her this bib. Thank goodness we had Prince C! Just before Christmas Eve I made this bib, #1; I wanted Prince C to have a Christmas bib and #2; I didn't want him to mess up his clothes. ; )

This bib was so quick and easy to make that I made him two more the other day. I used left over fabric from his Puppet Theater and puppet drawstring bag. Two Fat quarters of fabric would really be enough to make a bib. (other than the bias) It took me less than an hour to make both of these from cutting out to sewing.  

The size is great too for toddlers, just perfect to cover Prince C clothes and a pocket to catch any food missed. I did not use any on the iron on vinyl for any of these, I like the cloth bibs much better. I did how ever use two piece of fabric for main bib, a front and a back. Nothing leaks through and easy to wash still.
15 projects sewn and 6 to go!  
What's next on Little Things to Sew challenge you ask??
The wee little village!
Happy Sewing Ladies!


  1. What a sweet mummy you are!
    I am very tempted to make these as baby gifts.

    I can't wait to see your village. Google Harndorf South Australia if you want some ideas.
    Yum, Otto's Bakery.....

    1. These would make the best baby gifts. Thank you for ideas!


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