Thursday, December 12, 2013

Super Why Inspired Sleepover pj's

I made these the other day for my nephew and his wife's little boy's 2nd birthday. He loves the show Super Why so I really wanted to make him some pj's that go with the show. I didn't find any fabric with the Super Why on them but I though how perfect is the Alphabet flannel.

I used my favorite Sleepover pj pattern for these. One of my most used patterns ever. The facing and cuffs are very soft flannel as well. I had a hard time picking out buttons thought, I finally decided on these dark big buttons. I do love the bigger buttons on this pattern. I think they are easier for smaller hands to button up.

I added the size tag in the back too, a great way to remember how big I made them and a great way t tell the back from the front!
I was told he loves them very much and fit very well. There is nothing like warm pj's to say Happy Birthday!
Now back to my Christmas gift sewing, I do hope I finish in time!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's my favorite fun thing to sew I think.

  2. Jammies look great! I'm pre-washing some flannelette right now to make a batch from the same pattern.

    1. I love jammie sewing in the winter! I plan on making the other two littlest nephews and newest "niece" some too. They just might have to wait until after the holidays to be finished.


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