Friday, May 6, 2011

The Carolina Dress Sew Along; Day 5 Finishing up!

Happy Friday!
Are you ready to finish your dress?!? Today is the last day of the sew along! Let's get started;

Step 1; Take a piece of the elastic you cut and pin a safety pin onto one edge. Lace the safety pin with the elastic on it through the top casting of the back bodice. Carefully pull the safety pin through but not all the way through. Stop about mid way through. Take a straight pin and pin the other elastic end in place, leaving about 3/8" of elastic over hanging the side seam. Stitch in the seam line on this place only to hold the elastic. (stitch over this place three times to hold the elastic well) (see picture 2 below) Now finish pulling the elastic through the top casting until it is 3/8" over the seam like the other end. Pin in place. (see picture 3 below) Stitch in the seam just as with the other side. Take the safety pin off.  

Repeat with the bottom casting the same way as the top casting.

This is what the back will look like now.

Step 2; We are now going to sew the front bodice down to the lining bodice. The picture below is what the inside of the front of the dress looks like right now. We are going to pin the lining bodice over the seam of the skirt/main bodice. Working on the right side of the front bodice, pin the lining bodice in place. Stitch with a 1/8" seam allowance at the bottom of the front bodice you just pinned down.

Step 3; To make the hem for the bottom of the dress take the bottom of the skirt and press up a 1/4". Then press up again 1 1/4".

Stitch the hem in place. And you are all done with your dress!!

If you are going to add rick rack to the bottom of your dress add it to the dress after the step above. Turn the skirt over to the right side. Place the rick rack onto the center of the stitching on the hem, stitch in place by sewing in the center of the rick rack.

I would love to see any photos of the dresses you ladies made! I know they look great. :)  Here are a few favorite cute pictures of my little Sweet pea.

I really love this picture of Sweet pea, she loves to pick up anything off the ground now. What a little princess!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!



  1. Thank you very much for sharing this adorable dress and taking the time to write a tutorial. I'll be trying to sew a carolina dress for my daughter very soon!

  2. Your welcome! I really sewing little girly dresses for my daughter. I also love sharing how to make girly dresses too!! :)

  3. Thanks Sharon for having this wonderful sew along! I fully enjoyed myself! I appreciate you taking the time to do're right sew alongs are a blast!

    Here's a photo of my finished dress!


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