Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Carolina Dress Sew Along; Day 2

Good morning!
Today we are going to be sewing together the top bodice.

Step 1; Take the bodice front piece and pin the back bodice piece together at sides. Pin the lining bodice pieces other as well. Stitch in place using a 3/8 seam allowance. Press side seams open.

Step 2; Take the two top ties in hand. Fold  right sides together in half so you have a very long skinny tube. Pin in place. Stitch together leaving one of the short ends open for turning.

Turn the ties to right side out and press with the iron.

Step 3; Take one of the ties and stitch around the edge of the tie starting at the open end, continue down the short end then back down the long end again. (you will have three sides sewn with the open end of the tie left unsewn.) Repeat with second tie.
Step 4; Take both bodice pieces, main bodice and lining bodice (my fabrics are the same for the lining and the main fabric), and turn inside out. Apply the fusible interfacing to both inside back bodice pieces following package directions.

**optional step**
If you are going to add rick rack to the top of your bodice do so now. (sorry no pic) Take your rick rack and place it along the top of the right side of the front of the main bodice. Place the rick rack right in the center of where your seam allownace is and stitch down the center of the rick rack whith the begining and the end of the rick rack being brought to the fabric line at the shoulder seams. (by doing this the ends of the rick rack will not be seen) This way when you sew the lining bodice onto the main bodice piece it will give it a scalloped look to the rick rack.

Step 5; Place ties onto the right side of the front bodice piece, pining in place. Make sure that the ties aer angled a bit to the outside of the bodice and are placed just right before the curve of the front bodice. (and not like this picture, here they are going up and down strait don't do this!! sorry) Baste in place. 

Step 6; Take the both bodice pieces and place right sides together, pining in place around the top of them. Stitch.

Step 7; Iron the lining bodce bottom up  3/8" the whole way around.
Clip the curved areas on the front of the bodice and trim the ties where they stick out.

Turn and press.

We are done for today! Tomorrow the back bodice.



  1. This may be a silly question, but I'm confused! In the first step you say to pin the back bodice piece to the front piece and stitch. But then it says we are doing the back tomorrow. When I'm finished with today's steps, will the entire bodice be constructed and tomorrow will complete the elastic part?
    Sorry, this is my first sew along and I'm a newbie to the sewing world!

  2. Adrienne,
    Today we are just sewing the top bodice together but tommorw we will make the casting (a tube) for the elastic to go through on the back of the bodice. The elasticbeing put into the dress is one of the last steps in making the dress.The skirt will be sewn on first before we put the elastic into the casting. Hope this helps!


  3. Okay I think I got it now. But just to clarify....I am sewing the back bodice piece (rectangle pattern piece) to the front in step 1. When I'm done, I'll have the entire bodice (lining and all) sewn together. Right?
    Thanks for your patience! : )

  4. yep, when your done the top bodice will be completly assembled. Hope this helps!

  5. That is an adorable dress! Probably beyond what I'm capable of, lol, but really cute!

    Visiting from Tea Rose Home!

  6. Cute! Please come and share it at my link party: http://fabricbowsandmore.blogspot.com/


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