Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A bandana Dress

Yesterday I finally got around to makeing Sweet pea her bandana dress. (I bought the bandanas at Wal-mart back in Febuary.) I have more things that I want to sew than I have time for. Warning! This post has lots of pictures!!

I used the Carolina dress pattern but shortened it for the bodice. I put a little ruffle around the front bodice top and cross straps for easy dressing. I am going to put up a tutorial on this dress tomorrow. :)
I love the way her pictures came out this morning, the sun made a pretty little glow around her. She was hamming it up a bit too which really helped.

I love the cross straps in the back! It makes it so easy to put this dress on her. :)

Happy Sewing


  1. This is such a sweet dress! Great job!!!

  2. Awwww! That dress is so pretty! And she's just a doll!

  3. So Cute! Come and join my linky party: http://fabricbowsandmore.blogspot.com/

  4. Cute dress! Stopping by from Polka Dots on Parade and your newest follower.

    I just finished a jacket, when you have a moment, come by and see http://craftybrooklynarmywife.blogspot.com/2011/05/quilted-coat-finished.html

  5. That is such a cute little dress! I love the pink and blue together!

  6. Loving to sew and especially for babies and young children, I did so enjoy your precious little one in her darling dress. I am a new follower of yours as I need inspiration to sew again.

  7. Sharon - The dress is simply adorable! I love the floral pattern - super cute. Thanks for sharing - Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
    ~Stephanie Lynn

  8. What an adorable model! Such a pretty dress too!


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