Monday, May 9, 2011

Rose Cupcakes Flower pot Tutorial

These roses are just beautiful but also yummy! I made a rose flower pot center piece for our table yesterday for Mother's day lunchen. I seen this idea on TLC DC Cupcakes and thought it was one of the greats cupcake displays I have ever seen!

It came out great and it was pretty easy to make too. Before you start to put your rose flower pot together bake and frost your cupcapes. I used a large star tip and just swirled the frosting around the top. It will take 6 cupcakes total to make this.

1; To start out take a 5" stirofoam ball and place it in a flower pot. Make sure that it is pushed down in good so that the ball will not come out.

2; Next take a chocolate frosting and frost the whole ball. At this point my boys were thinking that mommmy had lost her mind and we were going to eat a chocolate stirofoam ball,lol.

3; Now take some crushed oreos crums and roll the chocolate ball in them until the ball is well coated all the way around.

4; cut a very thin dowel rod into 4" pieces. PLace teh first one in the top center of the ball.

Now place your cupcake ontop.

Repeat with the last five cupcakes and the dowel rod pieces until the whole ball is covered in cupcake roses.

5; Take some rose faker leaves and stick into the ball to finish it. That's it! Quick and easy! 
I hope you ladies had a great Mother's Day as well!!



  1. Cute Idea!
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  2. Wow... That's a brilliant idea...

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  3. I love this tutorial. it's wonderful. thank you for sharing. I want to try this!

    new follower!

  4. Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday - I featured you today! - Mandy,

  5. Adorable! Such a creative and beautiful idea!

  6. This is so fun! I love the yellow icing! I do have a question though....did the icing not start to slide off the sideways cupcakes because I could totally see that happening to me:)

  7. So pretty, how long did it stay put together? Could you assemble this the night before an event?

  8. The icing stayed on really well, no problem at all. I did make this the morning of but there was two cup cakes that weren't eaten that stayed on for well over day. They had no problem staying on. :)

  9. Adorable!

    Warm Weekend Wishes,

  10. Cute! This is such a great idea!

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  12. Oh my goodness, these are just darling! Congrats on being featured over at TT&J, stop by and link up to our Sister Sister party going on today if you get a chance.

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