Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Fantastic Find!

While looking through different fabric stores at night I came across this too cute fabric for children. (Sweet pea is still not feeling well, she is up almost all night long). It is from Sarah Jane Studios.

Not only does she have fantastic fabric but she makes the most wonderful prints and book too! It reminds of care free childhood days. :) You can buy from her shop here. I know a few things I am going to make with this wonderful fabric.

As soon as there is a 100 followers of Sweet pea & Pumkins I will have a fabric give away of her cutest prints! I just love to share!


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  1. Hi!
    Sorry to hear that sweetpea is still not feeling well, it's worst when our babies are sick and we can't do much about it. My daughter just had a bout of 'rosalea infantum' or 3 days fever (that came with rashes) last week and she had been having high fever until the rashes came. Very worrisome. Just popped in to say I like the shirt you made for KCWC! And your bandana dress!
    Hope Sweet pea gets well soon!


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