Monday, May 16, 2011

Little Bit of This and That

This past week I wasn't able to get done much on anything because of Sweet pea wasn't feeling good but I was able to get a few things sewn.
Here is shirt #1 form my new Oliver + S pattern. My two yonger boys are granduatring from 4K and 5K this year so I want to make all three boys a new outfit for it. It is the Sketchbook shirt, it sews farley easy and didn't take too long but tracing the pattern out seemed to take forever. All the boys wears different sizes so I still have to trace out the other two sizes I need. I do really love the pattern! It was alot fun to sew!!

What I love the most about this shirt is that my son pickout the fabric and the buttons for it by himself. This shirt really is him. :)

I also made Sweet pea this little crayon tote for church. It was made out of scrap fabric so it didn't cost me a thing. I found the tutorial over at The Crafty Cupboard.

Remember ths dress, well I love it si much that I decided to make one for Sweet pea too!

I lve the little animal print and the rick rack that is on the bottom of the dress.

And how cute is the bloomers!

Here is Sweet pea helping me with her dress, I love this cute little face!!
I have also been working on my bedroom. I am almost done painting the walls and the dressers are next. What have you gals been up to?



  1. Wow! I wish I was able to get this much sewing done! Right now all projects are on hold until I get some stuff reorganized and de-junked. I love the shirt-that is terrific fabric. I just started following is the dress one of your patterns?

  2. Clare, the animal cross over dress is a pattern I bought for $3 but fancied it up and the blue one is a gybree dress.(yes I do have some store bought clothes for her but not many.) If you look at the blue dress I was using for measuring a strap for another dres

  3. That shirt is so cute! I have the Oliver and S book on order from Amazon right now. Was the shirt from that book or did you buy the individual pattern? Anyway, looks great!

  4. It is the scetchbook shirt/ short pattern. I seen their book too and really want it. It has so many great projects in it!!


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