Friday, May 20, 2011

Two More Shirts done!

Well, I haven't sewn as much as I would have liked to this past week but I did finish two more Oliver + S sketchbook Shirts for my other two boys.
This shirt is for my youngest son. He is graduating from preschool on Wednesday! :) He picked out his fabric and buttons too. It makes this shirt even more special.

This shirt is for my oldest He doesn't get a graduation but I thought he would love a special shirt too. He was the only boy who picked out his fabric within the first few minuties of being in the store. He knew what he wanted. :)

This fabric is very soft too. I love the feel of it. (sorry for the lopsided pics)

Now all I have to do is pin, cut out and sew all three pants! Plus I want to make Sweet pea a dress too.  Only if there was more hours in day.
Have a great weekend!!



  1. These shirts look so fantastic! I love the fabric choices. Very ambitious doing shirts too I think...I always shy away from them.

  2. I am so impressed with these shirts, but I sure know I won't be giving it a try myself! :)

  3. So cute! How difficult are these to make? I might give them a try but for some reason they intimidate me! I just did the Oliver + S bucket hat though and that project was really easy to follow.

  4. Krista,
    I was surprised that they were not hard to make. The instutions were great! It made everything easy!!


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