Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Carolina Dress Sew ALong; Day 3

Good Morning!
I hope ya'll are having as much fun as I am! I really do love sew alongs! If there is any questions at all just send me an email. :) Today we are sewing the back of the bodice to make the casting for our elastic.

Step 1; On the back bodice pattern pieces there are two stitching lines. Take these two lines and mark them onto the back of the bodice using a fabric marker. If you don't have a fabric maker you can use painters tape to mark the edges of the lines to be sewn. Pin the lining to the main fabric on the back bodice for sewing. This will keep the lining and the main back bodice in place while sewing.

Step 2; Sew down both of these lines down the inter back bodice pieces. These lines  are for our casting that the elastic will go through later.

Step 3; Mark the back of the bodice center. Measure out 1 1/2" form the center on both sides and mark. (for the size 5 & 6 I measured out 2" from the center.)

Step 4; Take your first mark and starting on it work your way to the side seam to make your first button hole. I set my machine on the largest button size it would make. (If you haven't made button holes before I recommend that you practice on scrap fabric first.  Don't worry they get easier the more you make!) 
Now take you bodice and start where your second mark is at and work your way to the side seam to make your second button hole. Take your seam ripper and cut both button holes open. That's it for today!

Come on by for the making of the skirt tomorrow. :) 

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