Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Early

Happy Mother's Day to me!!

paper doll modelpaper doll modelpaper doll model
paper doll modelpaper doll model
My so sweet hubby bought me these Oliver + S patterns for Mother's Day this year. The family reunion dress, the hopscotch skirt + knit shirt nature walk pullover + knit pants, the sandbox pants+ starfish stencil, and  teh sketchbook shirt + shorts sewing patterns. I have been drooling over their patterns for a while but never bought any because of the cost. ($16 is a bit pricey for me) I have been wanting to sew clothing for my little men for a while but haven't tried yet so how perfect are these patterns to start! This is about the most wonderful gift he has got me yet! It's not just for me my my sweet kiddo's too. I sure my boys will like this one as much as I do too. :)

Have a great Mother's Day weekend Ladies!!

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