Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Son's first Quilt!

My middle son's class hatched out chicks in their classroom and for the babies arrival this past week my son wanted to make them a quilt.
When he got home from school he headed for his room and came out with his baby quilt and was going to cut it up! Oh NO!! I glad I seen him first to stop him. So after that he went to my fabric stash and found what he thought was the perfect fabric for baby chicks. He made most of it by him self. I am so proud of him! His teacher said that he gave it to the chicks as soon as they hatched. :) A very pround mama moment!

My little man also made this boat all by himself the other day from craft sticks and paper. He is very creative! I hope all of your weeks have been great too!

Have a great weekend!!

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