Tuesday, July 26, 2011

All night Sewing Party at My House!!!

Yes, Sweet pea can hardly hold her excitement about this! I sat at my new sewing machine yesterday evening and got to know my new friend. I made Sweet pea this Hopscotch top first, which after I tried it on her she wouldn't give back, lol.
 And then the skirt to go with the top, I can't believe how nice my new machine sews. It makes sewing addictive, not that it wasn't already. ;) I also finished up the strips in Sweet pea's room yesterday morning. I thought I would never finish! 
 Say cheese!!
 The top is all knit, yes that's right! I was so excited to sew a top from a pattern and it turned out! The skirt has a working button placket down the center front and cute pockets that were inspired by Chinese take out boxes.
And a new bubble dress with the scallops. I love this fun print, it loos like bubble floating off in the summer breeze.

 and yes there is even more!! New curtains or Sweet pea's room makeover. I used fabric from Hobby Lobby, marked down to $7 a yard. I really love this print. Now all her rooms need is new carpet and a new home made bumper pad. whhew, I am tired!!
Happy Sewing Ladies!!



  1. Yay Sharon!!!! So glad that you have already put your new machine to work!!!! What kind did you get?
    Sweet Pea's new room and wardrobe look great!!!

  2. Just a brother from Wal-mart. It was the Project runway one. I can't believe how great it sews for the price. I am now wondering how geat the expenice ones sew?!?
    Thanks, I can't wait to finish her room.

  3. Thanks for linking up to Sew Chic Upcycling Week! And for proudly displaying our button ;)

  4. Sharon, you've been going to town sewing!!! Everything is amazing! Congratulations on your new machine. I LOVE the top and skirt you made for Sweet Pea. Way to go with the button placket!!
    Thanks for linking!


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