Friday, July 15, 2011

Paper Doll Wall Art Tutrial

 I am starting to redo Sweet pea's room this week, the first thing on  the list was a wall art of the Oliver + S paper doll and dresses from the pattern sleeves. All the Oliver + S patterns have these so cute paper dolls on the front of them! I wasn't about to cut the sleeve up but I did make a copy of them and cut the copies up. (sorry but my camra wouldn't take a non blury pic)
 The cute picture frame started out like this, hard to believe?  First I primed nad then painted it to give a new life.
 Much better now!! :)
 I then Mod podge scrap book paper to center of the frame, you can't see it but the paper has a fabric look to it so I wanted to leave it "crinckled" to make it look more like old fabric. I copied the patterns then cut out my paper doll and clothes. It made me feel like a little girl again! :) A lot of fun!
 I then played around with the placement for a bit until I liked where they were at, and tired on the clothes on the doll too. ;) I don't know why but for some reson the bottom of the paper was more crinkled than the top. I then Mod Podge them in place, that's it!
 For now it is sitting on her bedroom wall but will be coming off for a wall painting. Sadly the bathroom had a leak on shower wall and on one side the dry wall has to be replaced in her room. So I thought while I was at it I might as well make a toddler room up for Sweet pea. The picture above is hte best one, it's the right color as it is in person.
 Another blurry picture but it gives you an idea of what it looks like on her wall. :)
More to come soon!!


  1. Such a cute idea! I need to do this in my little girls room too :) I just posted about free paper dolls too. Too funny. Stopping by from Skip to my Lou.

  2. Love it! My mom did this for me when I was a little girl with her OLD paper dolls from when she was a little that my mom is gone, I appreciate it all the more!
    Great job!!!


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